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Let's change the way we listen to music together!

mubo for everyone.

mubo is free to use for everyone. Of course it is a lot of work to develop the whole mubo system. If you would like to support us, you can become a mubo patron. The purchase is a way to directly support ongoing development and spread of mubo.

You would like to support us?

Become a Patron.

Our goal is to constantly develop mubo and that mubo is used in as many locations as possible. We still have a lot of ideas for mubo and we want to work even more on the spread.

Your support make it possible to achieve these goals.

Votes from a patron are displayed in a special way.

We are grateful for any support.

You can easily become a patron unsing the mubo app. Just tap on the patron button in the start view of the app. Then the view opens, where you can find the patron purchase. As a small acknowledgment for your support, your votes as patron will be represented differently.