The Jukebox App System for your Location.

Always the right music.

The mubo Musicbox is a jukebox app for your location. We have developed mubo so that you can concentrate fully on your work and not have to play DJ at the same time. Of course, music is still an important factor for your location, but your guests will do that for you from now on.

Your guests are the DJ.

Just use it.

To use mubo no special purchases are necessary. You only need to install the Musicbox on a tablet or smartphone with an existing internet connection and connect it to your audio system. Your guests only need their smartphone.

Your Musicbox is ready to use nearly instantly.

Your guests will find your location very easy.

Your Musicbox will be visible in the mubo app for everyone nearby. Take off from other locations and show people that they can vote for their favorite songs in your location.

For each Musicbox also a short description is displayed. This is the perfect way to let your guests know that you are hosting a special event.

Take off from other locations.

mubo is made for every guest.

We have developed mubo so that each of your guests can vote for his or her song. Just download the mubo app, connect and vote. So do not worry that you have to explain mubo to your guests.

You simply give your guests the opportunity to choose the right song for each moment. It will be fun for them and for sure you can win new guests.

Play the music loved by your guests.

We are glad to help you.

If you are considering using the mubo jukebox app system in your location, please contact us. We are always interested in being in touch with locations and planning mubo parties together. Of course, we also like to send you posters or other promotional materials.

Contact now.

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