About us

We are a young team from Germany having the goal to make listening to music together easier and more enjoyable. The idea for mubo already exists since the year 2011. Our way from the idea to the final system was long and not always easy. That’s why we are proud to be able to show you mubo today. Just give it a try and have even more fun together at parties or events.

Our Team

Marcel Dittmann

UI/UX & iOS Development

Marcel had the idea for mubo during his study. He developed the concept for mubo and is mainly responsible for interface design and iOS development.

Jerome Schmitz

Android Development

Jerome was convinced about the idea to mubo and worked on the system’s first prototype. Since then he is part of the mubo team and is mainly responsible for the Android development..

Andrea Dittmann

Social Media & Web Content

Andrea became part of the team during the development of mubo. She helps us to look at things from a less technical point of view and is responsible of website and social media content.


We still have a lot of ideas and would like to constantly develop mubo. In addition to our daily job, we work on mubo as often as we can.

Would you like to support us? Just talk about mubo at parties or in your favorite location. Of course you also help us with your feedback. So let us know what you wish for the system. We’re happy about every feedback.

For those who want to help us beyond that, we have introduced the Patron purchase. The purchase is a way to directly support ongoing development of mubo.